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Here at Ivy Beau we always have

the latest fashion on demand

Here at IvyBeau we always have

the latest fashion on demand

A short intro about Ivy Beau

Ivy Beau is a trendy, feminine and modern woman who likes to add a playful touch to her outfit. She loves to mix and match prints to create unique looks. The combination of casual and fenimine style results in a relaxed and refined look.

Benefits of the Ivy Beau collection

  • Shop directly from stock- b2b
  • Sizes 36 to 46
  • Your own assortment; no minimum
  • Quality fabrics
  • 8 coordinated collections
  • 1 dress and 1 party collection
  • Perfect Mix & Match
  • Only sold through resellers
  • Right product at the right time
  • Essentials (ES&SY)

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