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Get inspired and find

your story in style

Get inspired and find

your story in style

A short intro about Ivy Beau


With Ivy Beau's feminine, trendy and playful collection, every woman can take her clothing style to the next level. It allows her to write her own story at any time and for any occasion, The way she likes it, in style.

We design 8 different collections a year, each collection created with a refined eye for fashion and build around a unique print. From this comes the choice of high-quality fabrics, embellished details, rich prints and well-matched colours. These aspects give each collection a uniqueness; telling a story starring the independent and modern woman, which we know is inside every woman.

Benefits of the Ivy Beau collection

  • Sizes 34 to 46
  • Your own assortment
  • Quality fabrics
  • 8 coordinated collections
  • Perfect Mix & Match
  • Stock (ES&SY)

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